Application Audit

Simplify the management of your audits and the follow-up of observations!

jeudi 24 septembre 2020 , de 13:30 à 14:00, 30 min

In this time of Covid-19, which limit the possibilities of physical audits we would like to introduce to you our solutions to digitalize them!

We suggest that you explore the topic of Audits and Monitoring Observations from this angle through the agile functionalities of GxpManager.

The GxpManager Audit application allows you to be compliant in the management of all types of audit (internal, suppliers, …) and in the control of your audit activities: planning, repositories, checklists, evidence, findings and action plans.

In this webinar, we will focus on simplifying supplier audit, from defining the audit frequency from a risk analysis to conducting the audit. We will also see how GxpManager’s Audit application facilitates the follow-up of actions established to address audit findings through integrated CAPA management.


Nota: the webinar will be in English; the demonstration’s video will be in French with English subtitles.