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Greater flexibility, agility and traceability

GxpApps helps you prove that your product, service or system complies with regulatory demands and standards as well as in-house standards. By speeding up and strengthening the regulatory compliance of your projects thanks to GxpManager, you significantly accelerate time-to market.



Monitoring, assessing and controlling regulatory compliance by :

  • Creating a compliance culture
  • Associating compliance with performance
  • Proving compliance
  • Ensuring data traceability
  • Enabling continuous improvement of your solutions
  • Save time while increasing efficiency and productivity


GxpApps applications can be customized at any time thanks to the super agile configurator. They allow you to have a constant use of an application adjusted to your needs and adapted to the business and regulatory evolutions.

GxpManager applications natively offer rich, powerful and compliant features :  compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11…

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