Our European Cloud

GxpManager will guide you on the cloud


One hosted solution compliant with the requirements of the life sciences sector

The advantages of GxpManager applications in SaaS are obvious: fast implementation, immediate integration, flexibility and infrastructure administration delegated. Updates, data backup procedures, restoring and archiving system are all automated.

  • Available on-line 24h/24 including in mobility
  • Servers located in France for 100% secure data (Data Center certified ISO27001:2013)
  • Software maintenance included to enjoy the latest software upgrades
  • Configurator included to guarantee a flexible and scalable application over time (Full Access)
  • Infrastructure used with Oracle allowing you to pilot projects of any size
  • Also available in Web access (as well as Full Access interface)

As a European editor, we have chosen a European Data Center to host your data in order to protect your data from legal and financial risk inherent to American actors which are submitted to extra territorial law like the Cloud Act.