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  • The Pierre Fabre Group has decided to expand its factory in Saoul so as to speed up international development.The manufacturer has chosen the GxpManager SVV application to centralise and secure all qualification procedures for checking and validating (material, installations…). Software that allows the manufacturer to control data flow thanks to powerful integrated functions for analysing and reporting. GxpManager makes managing qualification protocols, test strategies, test documents and operations easier. It also makes it easier to schedule validation activities and manage design qualification.

    In just one click, you can automatically publish validation documents.At long last there is GxpManager to ensure saving time, encourage keeping to deadlines and ensure meeting regulatory compliance. Using this application has meant that Pierre Fabre has been able to control their budgets and resources whilst also cutting back on final quality costs. e.g.



    Article published in the May-June 2016 edition of the Devicemed magazine
  • RTD chose GxpManager for its document management applications that are easy to configure and adapt to RTD work procedures. We were also a good choice due to compliance with American standards 21 CFR pat 11 and namely, audit trail.

    RTD really believes that this software will remain both easy to use and easy to configure.

    Martine DESNAULT - Head of Quality
  • GxpManager is a quality management tool that meets the requirements of our laboratory. GxpManager’s solution is flexible and adjustable: the number of licenses can be adapted according to the number of users and we can choose applications to suit our own needs.

    These applications are easy to use and allow you to share information in real time; you have an overall view of files and can coordinate activities for different workers while reducing the amount of time spent on processing.

    Sophie DASSONNEVILLE DELORMEL - Assistant Pharmacist
  • Being able to manage all stages of validation in one single system is very convenient and you also have automatic cascading updates for all documents.
    Configuration teething problems were solved by a very reactive and efficient team.
    Distance training and assistance for technicians working on the project who needed to solve a few problems or get explanations for how certain parts of the software worked was particularly helpful.

    Aline Mistri - Clinical Data Manager