GxpAnalytics – Business Intelligence by GxpManager

The powerful dashboard tool connected to our applications

GxpAnalytics – Business Intelligence By GxpManager, is a powerful dashboard tool connected to our applications. But also to your data sources. You will be able to view your data by dynamics graphics and tables.

This solutions can be interfaced with all of our applications Gxp Apps, Gxp Forms ou Gxp XL. GxpAnalytcs also have the ability to be connected to your data sources (CRM, ERP…).

You could design powerful dashboards including pivot table, KPI, stock chart, sparkline… You could acces to your dashboard everywhere on your mobile or tablet either on your usual browser with your computer.

With GxpAnalytics, we could also design dashboard which will be integrated into your GxpManager application allowing your users to read their KPI from their application homepage.

Your needs

  • Analyze the data of your applications
  • View your KPIs
  • Improve the management of your activities
  • Master your objectives
  • Facilitate the communication
  • Work in a validate environnement
  • Control the access to your data
  • Realise you analysis without uncontrolled extraction of critical data

Our solutions

  • Instantly view your data
  • Dynamics and up-to-date KPIs
  • Rights management
  • Integrity compliant dashboards
  • Available on every screen (smartphone, tablet, PC)

GxpAnalytics is hosted on our qualified infrastructure which allows you to exploit your critical data in environment under control.

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