A unique tool to help you with the GDPR

Are-you sure that organisation is conformed to European law “GDPR” ?

The solution GDPR of GxpManager drive you through all the steps of the process required to be compliant and will help you to document all your actions.

Your needs

  • Make an inventory, build your register of the data process by your organisation
  • Identify your weak points and improve your process
  • Inform the concerned person of your processing
  • Allow them to use their rights
  • Demonstrate your respect of the law “GDPR”
  • Trace your actions

Our solutions

  • A simple register to fulfill and consult compliant with the “GDPR”
  • Integrated tool for risk analysis and corrections actions plans
  • Audit trail
  • Standard publication to document your compliance

Find out more on GxpManager on our GDPR application

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