Audit Management

Controlling your audit activities

GxpManager’s Audit application allows you to manage all types of auditing (in-house, suppliers,…) and helps you to control your auditing activities: scheduling, check-lists, providing evidence, statements and action plans.

It allows you to manage and centralise auditing activities, to capitalise on all the data from the audit and ensure monitoring of corrective and preventive action.

Your needs

  • Scheduling an audit and managing resources
  • Capitalising on data from audits (regulations, check-lists, questionnaires)
  • Keeping to deadlines
  • Monitoring action plans
  • Reducing time spent on document management (audit reports…)

Our solutions

  • Centralising data from audits (check-lists, auditors, sites and contacts audited…)
  • Overall view of audits (scheduling and progress…)
  • Monitoring third parties made easier (suppliers, employees…)
  • Automatic management of alerts and reminders
  • Reporting in real time (dashboards, KPI monitoring….)
  • Automatic publication of audit reports

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