GxpManager, the Agile Solution for Critical Data Digitalization in regulated environments.

GxpApps :
Ready to use Applications

  • Robust & compliant applications
  • Large and evolutive software Suite
  • Accelerated and easy implementation
  • Seamlessly manage your critical datas

GxpXL :
Custom compliant applications

  • Digitalisation of your existing Excel sheets and specifics developments
  • Securing your data
  • Ultra-Agile configuration

GxpForms :
your forms

  • Digitisation of your existing forms
  • Maximize your Forms
  • Ensure your IT Compliance
  • Control your electronic signature process

GxpAnalytics :
Business Intelligence by GxpManager

  • Instantly view your data
  • Dynamics and up-to-date KPIs
  • Integrity compliant dashboards

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Agile Compliance

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Oct 2017

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Thursday 24 September 2020 , 30 min

Forms digitalisation and Data Integrity

Wednesday 29 May 2019 , 30 min

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